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Tracy Himsworth : Andrew Cheetham : Debbie Loane

Open Weekend:
Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th of November 2015
10am to 4pm

Andrew Cheetham

Andrew’s paintings and drawings could be described as documentary as he prefers to work from life.


Andrew has been recording the declining Scarborough Fishing Industry since 2000 renting a Net Loft on the harbour as a studio and accompanying the Fishermen out to sea.
Throughout this time the sea has been a constant in his work.
Constantly changing, constantly inspiring.

Andrew has been Artist-in-Residence at Knaresborough Castle and in Rosedale on the North York Moors.

Tracy Himsworth

Tracy’s work explores our relationship to place through drawing, sculpture and direct intervention. Her aim is to examine how we make connections to our immediate landscape and to question our need to own, control and re-design it.

T Himsworth

Tracy has developed a more intimate understanding of the landscape she works in through manual labour; walking, collecting and carrying her materials. She believes that choosing to work through physical contact with nature rather than pure observation allows her to develop “points of entry” into the landscape from which her work grows.


An acceptance of found forms for the material she uses has been a dominant concern in Tracy’s work. The contrast between a natural form and a constructed one is deliberately ambiguous.

Tracy uses drawing as a form of discovery and documentation. The sketch map becomes a mental record of her movement through her immediate environment. She records this information through line, using the joints and intersections of the lines to indicate which paths she has walked. The lines make no claim to territory, what counts are the lines themselves not the spaces around them. By cementing lines of movement and recording the line of her walk she has created graphic three-dimensional drawings that document one individuals passage through the world.


Tracy continues in her explorations, creating works that come together in a fragile balance of interdependence between man and nature.